Scarlet Macaws ~ Ara Macao

Ara Macao ~ Scarlet Macaws

Looking for that “life-lister”? They are here… if you’re a birder, prepare to have your life list greatly expanded. Some 350+ species have so far been recorded in the area. King Vultures, Currasows, Guans, Aracaris, Toucans, Mot-mots, Boat-billed Herons, Bellbirds, Jacanas, Tityras, Tinamous, Wood rails,Puff birds, Jacamars, Woodcreepers, 4 species of  Trogons and a myriad of Hummingbirds in addition to Conures, Pionus and Amazon Parrots as well as the largest population of Scarlet Macaws in  Central America.

All four species of new world primates that occur in Central America can be observed here at the farm regularly.River Otters feasting on, and enjoying fresh water Prawns. The huge Iguana “Rio” and his mate have a favorite Hibiscus they frequent only a few feet away from the guest house.

Red legged Honeycreeper

Cyanerpes cyaneus – Red legged Honeycreeper

The University of Costa Rica has camera trapped Jaguar, Jaguarundi, Ocelot, Puma, and Tyra in the area. The Ave Azul area is also a supreme habitat for many beautiful butterflies, moths, and other insect curiosities, such as the very rare Morpho cypris. Equipment is available on site to conduct “mercury vapor lamp bug nites”, where we often draw in huge beetles like Megasoma elaphus of up to 15 cm.

Matapalo and its beautiful beaches are nearby offering some of the world’s most famous surfing challenges. Many of the beaches in the area are monitored and protected by staff of international sea turtle research projects. Volunteers from all over the world assist in protecting turtle habitat and nesting sites from animal and human predators alike.

World renowned Corcovado National Park is within a very short distance on the same route accessing this preserve and is additionally filled with wildlife.

Drymobius melanotropis

Drymobius melanotropis – Black Forest Racer


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King Vulture_Sarcoramphus papa in front yard

King Vulture – Sarcoramphus papa


Katydid sps.


Iguana – Iguana iguana

Howler Silouette outside Kitchen Door

Howler monkey – Alouatta palliata


Bare-throated Tiger Heron – Tigrisoma mexicanum

Heliconia "sexy pink"

Heliconia “sexy pink”

Gaudy Leaf Frog - Agalychnis callidryas

Gaudy leaf frog-Agalychnis callidryas


Fer-de-Lance,or Terceiopelo-Bothrops asper


Another Fer-de-lance outside kitchen door..Bothrops asper

Female Black-hooded Antshrike - Thamnophilus bridgesi - standing on the page that the bird is depicted on

Female Black-hooded Antshrike-Thamnophilus bridgesi standing on page of field guide of the species!

Early morning rescue of a Red-crested Guan

Rescued juvenile Great -crested Guan-Penelope purpurascens caught in a large Caleythea plant early morning.


The most feared snake in the new world tropics..Bothrops asper the Fer-de-lance.On the deck round midnight.


Roadside hawk,yes,thats the name..Buteo magnirostris fending off a Basilisk lizard on tree fern.


Late night Automeris moth. Mecury vapor bug lamp nights before and after full moons.


Huge jungle land name, up on the mountain.


Spectacled Caiman-Cayman crocodilus on the road at night.

Drapped Smiliscea - Smiliscea sordida

Drapped Smiliscea tree frog, Smiliscea sordida

Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird - Thalurania colmbica

Crowned-woodnymph hummingbird,Thalurania colmbica

Crane Hawk - Geranospiza caerulescens

Crane hawk-Geranospiza caerulescens Eating cock roaches from Coco Palms.

Chunk-headed Snake on Veranda

Chunk-headed snake-Imaniodes cenchoa on veranda. Rearfanged and mildly posionous.

Chestnut mandibled Toucan - Ramphastos swansonai

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan..Ramphastos swainsonii on our Papaya.

Cherries Tanager captive reared on native Orchid

Cherries Tanager-Ramphocelus costaricenis on native Orchid.

Catarpillar sps

Weird catterpiller species..when touched..dropped all its hair to reveal a small green worm.

Cat-eyed Snake eating Frog eggs

Cat-eyed snake-Leplodeira septentrionalis eating tree frog eggs.

Casque-headed Lizard

Casque-headed Lizard-Corytophanes cristaus.mostly arboreal.

Callipolgon sps only flies 3 months out of the year

CerambycidaeCallipolgon sps-Flies only two months of the year.

Bear-hearted Glassfrog

Bare-hearted glass frog-Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum

Bear-hearted Glassfrog 2

Same frog…

Basilisk 2

Large brown Basilisk lizard Basiliscus vittatus

Basiliks "Jesus Christ Lizard"

Several sleeping Basilisks on banana leaf.”Jesus Christ” Lizards.

Bare-hearted Glassfrog - Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphllum with eggs

Bare-hearted glass frog-Hyalinobatrachium colybiphllum with eggs.


Anteater,at night on coconut palm.

Anolis sps

Anolis sps..check back!

Gladiator frog-Hyla rosenbergiin Pandanus.

King Vulture_Sarcoramphus papa in front yard

Beautiful bird! King Vulture- Sacoramphus papa in front yard. One day we saw 14 birds on a dead cow just 2 k away.Probably all the birds in the peninsula in one place at one time.


Katydid sps..


Our Iguana,Rio, who hangs out just above the guest house in a large Hobo tree over the river.


Bird in the hand…Golden-hooded Tanager – Tangara larvata.


Bare-throated Tiger Heron-Tigrisoma mexicanum


Orchid - Vanda sps

Orchid species.Vanda sps.


The ever present Opossum..Opussum virgineanus

Meglamorph sps

Megalamorph species..male in the rest room at midnight.

Masked Smilisca - Smilisca phaeota

Masked Smilisca frog-Smilisca phaeota

Male Meglamorph

Late night Tarantula in the restroom.-Megalomorph sps.

Male Meglamorph Tarantula found in Bathrooms

Same speeder…

Long-billed Hermit - Phaethornis longirostris

Long-billed Hermit Hummingbird-Phaethornis longirostris

Late night bathroom Scorpion - Ceniruroides margaritatus

Another late night Arachnid..Scorpion,from the genus-Cenruroides


Smilisca phaeota - New Granada cross-banded tree frog

Smilisca phaeota – New Granada cross-banded tree frog

Red legged Honeycreeper

Red-legged Honeycreeper,Cyanerpes cyaneus

Nephila clavipes - Golden Orb Web Spider Ave Azul de la Osa Osa Peninsula

Nephila clavipes – Golden orb-web Spider


Primary rainforest…

Wildlife around Ave Azul

C. cupiennius, spider female


Emerald Tanager-Tangara florida


Hysiboas rosenbergi..The Gladiator frog…


Scinax eleaochroa

Scinax eleaochroa


Female Green Honeycreeper..Chlorophanes spiza


Brown Katydid…Later…


italic caption

Medio meter false Terciopelo n Croton round midnight…

Smokey jungle frog – Leptodactylus pentadactylus

Green and black poison arrow frog,Dendrobates aratus.

Woodharvestman – Harmless psudoscorpion..


Spider latin name

Spider latin name

Wandering Spider Cupiennius sps

Wandering spider, cupiennius sps.

Waiting Terciopelo - Botrops Asper - under the Aviaries

Waiting Terciopelo – Botrops Asper – under the Aviaries

Veiled Fungus

Veiled fungus,Phallus indusiatus..Also known as the “Stink Horn” fungus.

Vanilla Madagascar Orchid

True Vanilla Orchid from Madagascar.. Vanilla fragrans


5 ft. Bothrops asper under aviaries at night.

Squirrel Monkyes- Saimiri oerstedii

Squirrel monkeys on Brazillian bananas in front yard.Saimiri oerstedii.

Stick Insect_Calynda sps

Huge Calynda sps female,(green) with two males,brown.

Terciopelo - Botrops asper

Terciopelo-Bothrops asper.Most feared snake in the new world tropics.

Terciopelo eating mouse around midnight

Terciopelo eating a mouse round 3 in the morning.



Siprotea stelenes butterfly on Heliconia.

Safari Ants eating a Scorpion

Safari ants eating a scorpion Cenruroides. late night

Saddleback moth Catarpillar

Saddleback moth caterpillar on Ti plant.VERY toxic.Gave Rubyann high fever and flat out incapacitated for 4 days after only a brush.


Geranospiza caerulescens,Crane hawk.Long orange legs and an appetite for roaches and scorpions.


Crax rubra,The Great Currasow. Making a great comeback in the Osa.


Female Crax rubra on the river in the Chocolate trees below the guest house.


Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw,Ara macao cyanopetra in Alemandro trees,Puerto Jimenez.


Red-capped Mannakin. male…Pipra mentalis


Red-capped Mannakin…


Same male…


Smoky Jungle Frog

Smoky Jungle Frog


Bare-hearted glass frog..Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum.


Female walking stick..some 8 inches long


Leptophis ahaetulla..Parrot snake..rear fanged mildly poisonious..


Parrot snake…


White-faced Capuchin monkey.Cebus capucinus



Amazon Kingfisher, Chloroceryle amazona.


Saddleback moth caterpillar. VERY toxic.


Amazonica sps. of Anthurium..”Amazon Mask”.

Masked Smilisca frog Smilisca phaeota


Large brown Basilisk lizard Basiliscus vittatus


Megalamorph species…Osa peninsula.



Wood Scorpion.Cenruroides sps.


Grey-necked Wood Rail…Aramides cajaneaCalled “Cocaleka” in Spanish.


Wood Stork,Mycteria americana.


Orchid bee on native Orchid..Front yard.


Scarlet Macaw,Ara Macao cyanoptera in yard near aviaries.


False Terciopelo on Alocasia,Amazon mask.


Terciopelo or Fer-de-Lance,Bothrops asper.on front deck.


Wandering spider.10 cm.late night on Varigated Pandanus.


Terciopelo.,Bothrops asper means velvet in Spanish.The most feared snake in the new world tropics .


Brown Kaydid..


Masked frog.Smilisca phaeota


After hours Parrot snake in Lime tree,Leptophis ahaetuila.


Beautiful Crane hawk,Geranospiza caerulescens in Coconut tree.


Roadside hawk,Buteo magnirostris,.on tree fern.

Ringed Kingfisher_Ceryle torquata

Amazon Kingfisher,Chloroceryle amazona.

Ringed Kingfisher2

Ringed Kingfisher,Ceryle torquatus

Rhinoceros Spearheaded_Copiphora rhinoceros

Spear-headed Katydid.Copiphora rhinoceros.

Rio Iguana Iguana in Hobo Tree

Iguana iguana at Ave Azul


Crane hawk…

Rescued Baby Red-crested Guan

Early morning rescue of a Crested GuanPenelope purpurascens baby Crested Guan.A real jungle rariety.


Adult Spectacled Owl.Pulsatrix perspicillata

Rear-fanged Parrot Snake mildly venemous

Rear-fanged Parrot snake.

Rear fanged Parrot Snake_Scientific name

Same snake…

Papilio sps

Pqpilio sps.


Large Spectacled Caiman..Caiman crocodilus Two animals rest below the kitchen window everyday.


Series of tanks containing several species of snakes for viewing. We always try to have at least one large Terciopelo on exhibit.

Orchid Bee - Euglossa sps

Orchid bee Euglossa sps..Pollinating native Orchid in our natural greenhouse.

Female Boa constrictor ~ Boa constrictor on the road near the house

Female Boa constrictor ~ Boa constrictor on the road near the house

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