Craho Boy Amazon 1964 from Homebu

Amazon Craho Boy 1964 from Homebu

Our goal at Ave Azul de la Osa is to insure long term self sustaining populations of all birds both in captivity and in the wild.

To enlighten those concerned of the status and plight of birds and wildlife in general around the world, be it in urban areas or remote island archipelagos.

To disseminate this information to researchers, politicians, students and the general public so they may make informed and sensible decisions regarding the future of the world’s wildlife.

To care for and return to the wild as much wildlife as we are charged with.

To work in tandem with those who would regulate and govern the laws of keeping animals in captivity for a better life and to do all we can while we can to guarantee the perpetuation of species.

Finally, to spread the conservation message that is… Extinction is forever…endangered means…we still have time.

Why have zoos or animals in captivity? So we can show our children what is, instead of just what was in a book…


Buki with Patrick 2008 in California

Buki with Patrick 2008 in California

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