Wake up to the sound of Kookaburras...

Wake up to the sound of Kookaburras…

Wake each morning to the maniacal laughter from a gang of Australian Kookaburras and the drum like sounding calls of African crowned Cranes. The greeting of dawn is completed by the roar of Howler monkeys staking their territory high above the tropical trees. These are the sounds of an undisturbed jungle forest habitat and working exotic bird farm “Ave Azul de la Osa”.

Ave Azul is located in the Osa Peninsula on Costa Rica’s southwest coast and is known as the “Amazon of Central America”, being one of the most biodiverse places on earth as described by National Geographic, and is the setting for this unique forest jungle retreat. Corcovado National park is just around the corner from the farm.

Find out more about the wildlife in the area here, and read about Ave Azul here.

Ave Azul is located around 24 miles (39 km) from Puerto Jimenez, and 300 feet (150 m) west of the Agua Buena bridge on the right.

You can either drive down to the farm, or take public transport. The bus is called “Collectivo” and arrives at the entrance of Ave Azul  2 times a day from Puerto Jimenez, and 2 times a day from Carate. In Puerto Jimenez the bus leaves at 6am, and at 1:30pm, and from Carate it leaves at 9am and around 3:30pm in the afternoon. If you let us know in advance you’re arriving, we are happy to pick you up from the entrance drive-way (it’s around 1 km from the main road the farm).

Ave Azul de la Osa

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Ave Azul de la Osa 8.457261, -83.416872 Ave Azul de la Osa

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