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Of this years significant births and hatchings,(2012) at Ave Azul de la Osa are those of 0.0.5 Hyacinth Macaws. Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus.  Using International sexing code 1.1.1 denotes.. 1 male,1 female,and 1 unsexed.

The species is listed as endangered and at risk by the CITES  secretariat of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species. An international treaty to which more than 160 nations are party to and agree to strictly regulate the possession, trade and movement of some 40,000 registered species of plants, animals, birds, insects and corals to prevent their over exploitation.

2 1/2 month old Hycinth Macaw Chicks

2 1/2 month old Hycinth Macaw Chicks

Of the 3 levels, CITES 1 is the highest level of protection afforded to this critically endangered species.

The births of these 5 third generation birds brings to the total number of 49 specimens  Patrick Dunn has produced in some 30 years of working with the birds and adds significantly to the entire status of the worlds  population of this, the largest and one of the rarest species of parrot and around 5,000 birds known to exist. It also contributes to the bio diversity of the species by broadening the worldwide gene pool and  contributes to what we know about Hyacinth Macaws as well as what we will need to know in the future about Hyacinth Macaws to ensure that future.

In a world where near 200 acres of tropical forest habitat go up in flames every minute, captive breeding may be the only source and hope for this endangered species.

But there is still much work to be done.

At Ave Azul de la Osa we believe the future is now and intend to do all we can while we can to insure the perpetuation of the birds that come under our care.

Remember….the conservation message is…Extinction is forever….endangered means….we still have time…

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