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Tropical News flash!

 August 11th announces the discovery of a Great Potoo, Nyctibus grandis at Ave Azul. For me, or any serious bird watcher, a “bucket list” species to be sure. For several nights now the bird has been visiting a fruiting palm, Euterpe oleracea or “Assai” just outside the front deck of our home.The palm is known for the drink made from it described as a creamy liquid of fine plum color with a nutty taste that is still used in the Amazon as a healthy and refreshing pick me up. The frequency and time between visits suggests the bird maybe feeding chicks. Updates soon…

October 2013…

The bird is scarce as of this date. There are 7 species world wide and Costa Rica is fortunate in that they boast 3 of the seven. This is the largest & differs from the common,(which is less common than its name suggests)by being near twice the size and some what lighter than the former..In fact some specimens appear nearly  white.

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